Dear Mr. Prof. Dr. M.C.Truss!

Dear Mr. Prof. Dr. M.C.Truss!

Please accept my sincere words of gratitude for treatment which I received in December2012 in your clinic!
I want to note, that in spite of the difficulties and problems after the surgery, I received from you and from all your team, wonderful care and support. For me, as a patient, it is more important and is also evidence of high professionalism as well as your own conduct of operations.


Unfortunately, I hardly got to my house in Samara city because the weather is not good for voyage. All of this is slightly affected my state of health (had to drag myself not suitcase). But now I feel better, but sometimes there is colicky pain (in the bowel and bladder area).

I kindly ask you to refresh my memory - when I need to carry radiation treatment - 1.5 months after surgery or 1.5 months after arriving home?

Once again, thank you and wish you in the New 2013 year success in your noble cause and good health!

Your sincerely,
Vladimir Vasiliev
Samara city, Russia